Check out my new ride

86de3d95-6340-48b5-bab9-e5901c6e117c.jpegY’all like my new ride?

Just picked it up. Thought I’d take it for a spin. Indoors…

I made my sister take several photos until I took a serious one. I tried a couple minutes to make a serious expression.

In the end it looked like I was trying to make a sexy face.

Which made it even more hilarious.

I mean, that’s some serious bikeage skills I got there.

You see that wheelie?

I’m even safe with my helmet, brah.

Seriously though, my favorite part of this photo, aside from it showing my skillz and awesomeness, is my nephew.

The little guy on the right coming into the situation finding my sister (his mother) and I taking photos with his sic new ride.

Look at that face again.

He’s all “this bitch!”

He came barreling into the living as if his feet were his ride. Skirting around the couch, whining.

With a high pitch squeal he proceeded to shove me off his bike and jump on board.

He shoved some trains in the storage compartment in the rear and peeled out blasting the music on his radio.

“Gangnum style!”


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