Shhhhh!!! Don’t tell!


I mean I know Beyoncé is big but can we all take a minute to acknowledge my follower count.


Bitches be jelly of me.

I know. I’m Hollywood status. This tends to happen wherever I go too.

I typically walk into a room and everyone just swarms me.

Like “oh Jordan, may I follow you?”

I’m all “what ev’s”.


Seriously though, thanks for those jumping on board. I accidentally hit the h when typing jumping…..

Autocorrect helped me out but let’s take a minute to acknowledge the h.

*moment of acknowledgement*

Thanks y’all.

Thanks for agreeing to follow my crazy antics. I’m hoping not to disappoint.

Give me a little share to the rest of our blogging community.

I started blogging on a whim.

I thought this is going to be a great idea 😑.

I tried it a couple years ago.

It wasn’t my thing. So here I go again. Round 2!

I got this, right?

I like to be honest and get my thoughts out. What better than to write a blog?

I’m not actually sure those are proper requirements or reasons.

Do I really need either of those though?


So I haven’t told anyone I’m blogging or shared my posts with anyone other than our lovely WordPress blogging community.

I plan to keep this mess secret for as long as I can.

Get this…

Not even my husband knows!!!!

*cue intake of breath at the shock of this announcement*

Whenever I’m “dieting”(I hate calling it that, I just try to eat better than what I had been) I keep it to myself. Whenever I’m doing anything “big” I keep it completely to myself.

I expressed this to my husband one day and he said (what I already had heard from those pesky experts) is that, that’s actually the opposite of what you should do. You should be yelling it from the rooftops to be held accountable.

See, that method doesn’t work for me.

I like to see how often I can change my mind, jump from thing to thing and be wishy washy.

So The Jordan Method is keep it secret until results show through and then announce what I’ve been doing.

Like real results. Otherwise I’m just spewing whatever comes out of my mouth, which is a lot.

As proven by this post. Or any of my other rambles.

They really should never be called a post, they should be rambles.

So here I am y’all!

Shhhhhh! Don’t tell!

On another note-

Adam Sandler did a hilarious song YEARS ago. It’s called “Shhh…don’t tell.”

It’s some kind of funny.

I would google it if I were you.

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