This mornings post comes to you from my bed. Where little knees are digging into my ribs.

I’m up early to run 🤢🏃🏻‍♀️.

While I enjoy running sometimes I have to push myself.

Back to me being in bed for just this little bit longer 😍.

Homeboy beside me is going on like night 3 or 4 of coming into my bed in the middle of the night because he’s peed his bed.

It’s been fun. Real fun…..

Usually my daughter is in bed with us too but she slept in her bed all night.


It’s the little things?

I question it because I don’t always take that thought and run like I should.

So my sister came to town this weekend bringing two of her four beauties.

Okay really quickly, my son will move every so often and he just so handsome and sweet! I love watching my babies sleep. It reminds me of when they were my itty bittys 😍😥

I’m also being slowly pushed off my bed by him moving closer and closer to me. We have a king size bed…..yep…

So my sister…

She was here the other night with two of her girls.

We put a spare mattress on the floor of my daughters room so they could all sleep together.

Don’t most of you have spare mattresses lying around? Two at that?

*stares waiting for response*

*silence because no one does that crap EXCEPT US!!!*


I was in bed early Monday morning being pushed out of bed by two of my children.

I was tired of it and it REALLY hurts my back when they sleep with us.

I need my space.

So I’m like SCREW IT! I’m going to sleep on that mattress in Av’s room.

I get out of bed at 4:30, grab a pillow and walk to her room.

I forgot to put on my glasses because that’s the last thing on my mind.

I’m blind without them.

So I walk in, throw my pillow down on the mattress and vaguely see a body and head lift up.

“I didn’t even see you in here!”

My husband beat me too it!

We were pushed out of bed by our children!

And I’m suddenly in a fit of giggles.

We left our nice cozy bed to two children sleeping side ways, sprawled out, hands getting smacked on our faces so we can sleep on the FLOOR!!

I mean when I describe it like that…duh. Of course neither of us slept well for that brief period we did.

I laid down to sleep for awhile longer.

We need a vaca away from kiddos.

*runs to plan one*

On another note 4/20 is Friday 😎

Where my cool peeps at?

Anyone else constantly getting shoved out of their king (every time I write king it’s autocorrected to long…you know because king isn’t a word *extreme annoyance*) size beds to small children?

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