Hot mess, cleaning less

Anyone else a hot mess here


Most days my dishes are piled up like they currently are.

Laundry needs to be done.

Yesterday I vacuumed 🙀

I did it!!! *dramatic victory jump into the air, freezing mid jump to show my even more awesomeness*

I mean I at least run our little hardwoods vacuum downstairs daily. Um.. I mean there may be stuck on old food underneath our dinner table that may have been there too long which means I need to mop…I mean maybe.

It’s totally cool.

I have other priorities.

Like, I painted my nails yesterday.

Played me some Candy Crush. Crushed it by the way.

Browsed Facebook on the toilet for about 20 mins long.

Looked like this guy getting up.

One day I accidentally spilled the dog food 🙄

So I’m like scooting it together in a pile and kept trying to convince my dog to come eat it.

Said pile.

It sat there for about 2 hours when he finally decided to eat it.

Mind you this is our entry way to our house. My husband wasn’t home during this time because this would of made him nuts. Understandably😈

I’ll get to what I can get to when I get to it.

In the mean time I’ll be hanging with my homies 👊🏻✌🏻

3 thoughts on “Hot mess, cleaning less

  1. I agree there are way more important things than cleaning house. And I have t to warn you, it gets even harder to get up from toilet FB as you get older. I just hope I don’t need help some day because I spent too much reading in the bathroom.

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