Puppy Love🐶🐩

Meet my 3rd baby!

This is Obi.

😍 swoon!

Yes, I do like Star Wars. But it’s also short for Obsidian. Black volcanic rock. My first dogs name was Onix. Black stone. He was also a black labradoodle. It felt like paying tribute to my Onix. So his name felt right!

I mean look at that face!! He’s such a baby too. He just turned two Wednesday. He weighs around 50lbs. It’s hard to get pictures of him. And I found this opportunity when he was being a good boy the other afternoon.

He loves to follow my son around the yard. They’re buds.

It’s quite adorable.

I mean but look at my big lug! His head is tilted. That leg sticking out, sitting all awkward because he’s a bit lanky underneath all that fur!

He’s been really good recently, coming when told.

This sweet thing is babied by all his pals. Neighbors, friends, kids love to pet him and he just loves it!

One more photo of him for the road…

He says this is how much I care about photos.


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