We live in a small town outside of a larger city. I’ve always enjoyed the country life. We live in a neighborhood now but hope to get away sometime from the hustle and bustle of ever growing town. There’s plenty of homes being built like they were blocks and it took no time at all.

There’s a local trail way. The Neuse River Trail-way. It goes up and down the east coast. From Maine to Florida. You enter the trail that walks you along the Neuse River. It’s beautiful.

The River was pretty high the other day and we were able to get right up to it.

The kids were excited.

If you continue walking you come up to a rusty looking bridge crossing the Neuse. I love this part because you watch the river flowing towards you.

I notice on the top of the bridge someone’s written..

And this ✌🏻👊🏻☝🏻❤️☮️

And this too!

Just remember there’s still positivity in this world. Just look around instead ofdown.

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