Brightleaf Crafts

How adorable are these, right?!

These are 3″ tobacco sticks. My sons teacher makes these with her sons help. They’re the most adorable mother son duo!

She lives on the farm she grew up on. The farm her daddy used for tobacco. So they creativly came up with a way reuse the old tobacco sticks.

These sticks in particular I bought for a friend to purchase. $20 for the 5 of them!

I also got these beautiful bouquet of carrots. I had received them just in time for Easter.

I’ve kind of got a country down home theme. I’m thinking of running with it. Goes with my carrot picture and cow filled wall along with our beer cap States map.

When my sons sweet teacher came to visit she let each of my kiddos pick out the adorable little chicks still in their egg shell! Cuteness overload!!

The sunflowers were a favorite of mine! She has some too with no painted background. Just the original tobacco stick.

She has some gorgeous Christmas Tobacco sticks too!

A personal favorite is the nativity of Joseph, Mary and Jesus.

Here’s a fun Santa, snowy tree and snowman.

Give small businesses a chance and check out Brightleaf Crafts right here on their Facebook page.

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4 thoughts on “Brightleaf Crafts

    1. They are! Tobacco sticks were, I believe, used to dry the tobacco. The sticks are long with a slight point. So when they bring the tobacco in after picking it they steak it on the stick and hang it to dry. I don’t believe they do this process anymore. This was the “old fashioned” way.

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