New Friends

It’s Friday!!

That means we’re all home this weekend, it’s going to be sunny and warm and these are the days I live for.

My husband is national guard and is currently in school (two more classes to go 😅). Along with his full time job he’s always busy. This weekend finishes off his spring break so we have one day to fit in fun!!

I love the outdoors and hiking and adventuring. I like to find wooded trails for my kids and I to wander through. As a kid I was always in the woods in our backyard. It was extremely fun. We had a small creek that we waded through looking for whatever creatures we could find. It was a beautiful childhood 😍. I hope to bring that adventure to our kids.

So yay for the weekend!

My real objective…. meeting new peeps.

It’s not really my objective it’s just my objective of topic of conversation for this post.

My daughter was always excited to make new friends when she was little, and now! She’s my sweet, understanding, obedient child. Does as she’s told, loves to please.

Now, not that my sons not sweet. He is. And he is just four, but he’s on his own planet. Everything’s his way or the highway. He can be mischievous but honestly is really hilarious. It’s interesting to see his thought processes and how his brain works.

He gets angry at just about everything. He doesn’t always interact well with kids his age unless he thinks their older. His bff is a good friend of mine who lives across the street who’s 50 😳. She pulls up and immediately he says ” can I ask Elizabeth to play?” Hehehe.

He learned not long ago how to call names.


Not bad ones considering I don’t always have the cleanest mouth. I do try to watch it around my kids though.

His favorite and one he seems to be sticking to is dummie butthead. Then his insults go on like “STUPID!” Or “you dummie but head!”

Anyone who’s ever had a truly stubborn child knows my situation.

There are just some days I have to let go of so much.

If he calls someone it I make him apologize. But unfortunately we end up laughing behind his back.

I know it’s a phase and my child who doesn’t respond to taking toys away, tv, tablet time, outside time, basically any type of punishment will soon find a different way to express himself when he’s tired of saying “not nice words”.

So a new mom in our neighborhood came over to introduce herself.

We chatted while the kids played. Her little boy was sweet, social, kind and listened well. She said her youngest was even calmer than him 🤢

I could see my son growing bored with him. He wasn’t his energy level and he can tend to be a bit of a bully if he senses the kid is “weaker”.

While making conversation I get the brilliant idea while we’re talking to ask if her son ever says mean things.

Her face brightened up a bit.

“OMG. Yes!”

I’m like “Yes! This kids a shithead too”. Hey I love my kid but he can totally be a shithead sometimes.

She goes on. “Sometimes he’s like ‘Mommy, get out of my room’ and I’m like awww…”then she laughs.

And I stare. Petrified. WHAT HAVE I DONE! I started this conversation. I have been around those kids I’d rather my sweet child not be around because of influence. AND IM THAT MOM!!

Making new friends when your child is like my son is never easy.

You worry what he’s going to do which leaves you constantly apologizing for his rude behavior.

I laughed with her after hearing her sons “mean things” and then hurriedly gathered my children and ran inside.

Just kidding.

But it wouldn’t of been uncalled for.

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