Impromptu wine at 5pm!!

I mean it was BEAUTIFUL the other day.

The kids were all “let’s get on our swimsuits!!” Then didn’t play in the water. Like all at.

It wasn’t our first day in the 80’s. Not the decade, temperature.

But the 80’s are sticking around now. And before we know it, it’ll be humid as all get out and we’ll be begging for a snow day.

Although 1 snow day will suffice for me. Winter is depressing. I need warmth and sunshine. 24/7

That’s my mini up there throwing a peace sign because she’s cool like that. I remember this age. Peace signs were where it was at ❤️☮️

When did she get this big y’all?

Like I need this growing mess to STOP. Collaborate and listen.

And they love cruising around this thing.

That little guy on the front is just as busy as my homeboy. He beasts this Jeep around like nobody’s business.

My daughter on the other hand doesn’t have my amazing driving skillz😏

No seriously. I should of been a race car driver.

And it’s still not off the table.

And my little man enraptured by this sand table. He loves big trucks or just vehicles of any kind.

He’s without a doubt my husbands son.

I sent my husband this picture and his reply is this edit.

Awww, his belly’s just like daddy’s too!

My little guys 4. The fact that he still has a belly makes me really happy.

You know when they’re toddlers they have bulging bellies, dimpled hands and feet, big eyes and cheeks that look like their storing food for winter.

So raise your glass 🥤🍺🍻🥂🍹🍷🥃 of whatever you’re having and get ready for summer y’all 🏖!

I’m ready!

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