Strawberry Season!

Strawberry picking season is here!!

Who all this in their state?

From late April to early-mid June North Carolina has plenty of strawberry fields that allow you to pick your own berries! This ones not 5 minutes from our home. This is a wonderful tradition kids everywhere love to partake in. I mean..does it get better than this?

First starts this beautiful little flower. See that yellow center? It takes over. Next creating..

These green buds from that yellow center.


These!! And sometimes really funky ones which the kids and I were fascinated seeing. Nature is so intriguing. What it creates never ceases to amaze me.

Rows of fields to run through while my kids eat strawberries along the way. There is nothing like a warm strawberry fresh from the vine. You see the photo looking like it’s doing the wave? This is what happens when I sometimes try to take photos with my phone. It’s been dropped one too many times.

This chick had early release this day. It was so beautiful out we hit up the strawberry patch. Then the next day her brother and I made fresh strawberry jam.

What does everyone pick in their state?

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