It's been a nice couple of days. We're in NC so it's been pretty warm. We got out and washed my car!! In 80 degree weather! I know some of our country is having snow. Not NC! It's a little chiller today...60's. But still nice! Last night we went out on a walk then to [...]

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I’m totally sane

I'm totally sane. Or is it insane? Whatever it is this video proves it. Most days are chaotic and crazy! I'm probably partly to blame. I use the car as our mama babies jam sessions. This is not one of those. This is just one of many of my random outbursts. Y'all have those right? [...]

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This mornings post comes to you from my bed. Where little knees are digging into my ribs. I'm up early to run 🤢🏃🏻‍♀️. While I enjoy running sometimes I have to push myself. Back to me being in bed for just this little bit longer 😍. Homeboy beside me is going on like night 3 [...]

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Finding yourself

I'm still trying to figure this blog mess out and I'm determined to get it. I always feel like my brain is a mess (compliments of too much pot in my younger days/Mom brain) and I really enjoy writing, getting everything in my head, out. So my blog today is my journey? Parts of it [...]

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Check out my new ride

Y’all like my new ride? Just picked it up. Thought I’d take it for a spin. Indoors... I made my sister take several photos until I took a serious one. I tried a couple minutes to make a serious expression. In the end it looked like I was trying to make a sexy face. Which [...]

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Pooty Pants 💨 👖

Just before starting this post a brief struggle on my bed with son over a toy drill began as he attempted to drill his sister while she giggled. Um... Okay, I asked my son to come in out of the 40 degree weather. He was in shorts and no shirt looking for our neighbor who [...]